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Dear Mr. President

Now we want you to work hard to provide equal rights for us. You are the one who must fight to stop violence against women.


Hello My Dear President

This is a great time, my President, for you to become a hero for the next five years.


In One Nation Two Can Lead

The announcement of the new president elect came just hours after runner up Abdullah Abdullah agreed to a negotiated power-sharing deal.


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Give Afghan Women Credit for Their Strength

This woman said: “I will neither go to my husband or my father, because one of them sells me and the other one buys me.” I am not a piece of dull equipment to be used.”


Dividing the Power for Unity

I believe the new government that has just been formed by a political agreement rather than a transparent vote count, will try to bring national unity by trying to bring together the ethnic groups.


My Ideal Dinner Guest

I would like to invite Ramazan Bashardost to dinner and I would serve him home-cooked manto—a most delicious pastry stuffed with meat—and the famously colorful chapli kebab.

Latest Poems


Ocean of Love and Death

The blue ocean seems dark to the eyes of a disappointed heart.
The ocean bears no beauty but loss.


Mom’s Hands

You prepared my books, polished my shoes.
You shook my teacher’s hand and told her to take care of me.



Not far from there,
I see her running with joy.
I hear her laughing,
I read her writing,

Latest AWWP News


Teenage Writers Workshop, September 2014

Teenage girls in Afghanistan are often caught in a conflict between fear of repressive traditions and brave hopes that their country’s postwar future will improve for women.


Oral Stories Project 6: Ramadan (July 2014)

In this sixth feature in our Oral Stories series, AWWP writers went into the streets of Afghanistan’s major cities to gather the stories of poor and illiterate Afghan women during this holy month of Ramadan, which began on June 27th.


Oral Stories Project 5: Maternity and Childbirth in Afghanistan (July 2014)

Afghanistan has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world, according to the World Health Organization, whose statistics show one in eleven Afghan women die from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Who is to blame?

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project has been recognized by The Women’s National Book Association and the New York State Division of Human Rights.