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The Two Finger Test

In the Afghan judicial system, women and girls accused of “moral crimes” are ordered to have vaginal tests.


A Girl in the Masjid

The clock turns 8:45 p.m.,
and I hear Mullah’s Adhan.
I need to get ready, for now I’m in
a rush.


My Broom Sweeps the Dust

Mom looks at me and says,
“Daughter! You must work even harder
Because you will marry soon, very soon!”


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My Laptop, a Gift from My Parents

Technology has changed our civilization, in business, banking, calculating, and in countless other ways.


Beautiful Parwan: Place of My Dreams

I had never smelled such cool, fresh air, not dusty or warm, but perfect weather that made me feel like I was in the paradise that the religious scholars talk about in the mosque.


My Mother, the Mirror of Justice

Now that I am older and educated, it is time to stand up for the wishes of my mother, stand against cruelty and colonialism, and stand against those men who stood against peace.

Latest Poems


I Am an Orphan But Not the Only One

I am an orphan, but not the only one.
I lost parents, but I am not the only one;
I beg for peace, love and solidarity


Lonely Souls

Often times, some shining stars remain
Alone in the sky
For there is a reason why other stars are gone



What were you thinking?
You could get away with Betrayal?

Latest AWWP News


Opening Hearts Full of Stories (Lake Oswego Review, Oregon)

The women of Afghanistan have many stories to tell, but they have not always had the opportunity to tell them. Now that situation is changing, thanks to the Afghan Women’s Writing Project. Continue reading on the Lake Oswego Review website.


Breaking Taboos With Our Pens: Afghan Women Shine in New Anthology

If you’ve wanted to hear directly from Afghan women, unfiltered by journalists and uncensored by male relatives, and do so in English, the best place to go since 2009 has been the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP) online magazine. Twice a week AWWP posts new work that include fresh takes on Afghan current events, as well as personal essays and poems.

girls in nangarhar

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project Anthology Is Beautiful, Brave, and Inspiring All at Once

We all know that being a writer is hard. Being a woman writer, with all that industry bias and those glass ceilings out there, is even harder. But nothing can quite describe the daring, sometimes terrifying, experience of being a woman writer in Afghanistan — except maybe the words that Afghan women writers produce themselves.

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project has been recognized by The Women’s National Book Association and the New York State Division of Human Rights.