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The Power of Our Pens: American U. to Build a Mosque for Women

I wrote about this, how women were not welcome at the new mosque for men.


A Young Writer Escapes from a Forced Marriage 

Life is going on, as always, with all its hardships, happiness and sadness and I’m trying to survive as always.


Wail and Sing of Burning Desires

I will sing and moan even if this becomes the only routine of my daily life. I will do it until the mountains and all of nature can hear it.


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Brave and Strong Afghan Women, Raise Your Voices!

Women in Afghanistan cannot even speak their hearts to a family member. As I write now about the problems of women in Afghanistan, my hand trembles.


The Man Who Thought I Was Weak

I said to myself that it was just a nightmare and never happened, although I knew it happened.


Disabled Afghans Discuss Marriage in Herat

Marriage is important for people and it is a big concern among disabled people, according to a woman who works with a human rights committee in Herat.

Latest Poems


The Rain

I want to sing
Songs about everything
When you are with me.


A Man Like No Other

Someday when I grow up
I want to be like you.


Fed Up

Dear Allah
Are you seeing all your servants who
made themselves lord of this land?

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Breaking Taboos With Our Pens: Afghan Women Shine in New Anthology

If you’ve wanted to hear directly from Afghan women, unfiltered by journalists and uncensored by male relatives, and do so in English, the best place to go since 2009 has been the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP) online magazine. Twice a week AWWP posts new work that include fresh takes on Afghan current events, as well as personal essays and poems.

girls in nangarhar

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project Anthology Is Beautiful, Brave, and Inspiring All at Once

We all know that being a writer is hard. Being a woman writer, with all that industry bias and those glass ceilings out there, is even harder. But nothing can quite describe the daring, sometimes terrifying, experience of being a woman writer in Afghanistan — except maybe the words that Afghan women writers produce themselves.


Our Second Anthology Has Arrived!

In works presented both in English and Dari (Afghan Persian), the women speak candidly of their lives and viewpoints, and do so unfiltered by family or news media.  Books may be purchased for $18 each at the AWWP market page.

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project has been recognized by The Women’s National Book Association and the New York State Division of Human Rights.