Afghan Elections 2014

2014 Afghan Elections Project

Announcing the 2014 Afghan Elections Project — essays about the upcoming election on April 5 by AWWP writers plus special contributions to our Oral Stories Project. Click to read more.

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Latest Essays


Don’t Ask A Man Who I Am, part 2

I have submitted the law to a group of women’s rights activists to work on and advocate to the Parliament to approve changes in the law. Do you want to help do something about it?

atlas taking off from kabul

Don’t Ask a Man Who I Am

He started shouting. “Sister, we are still using the Taliban’s government law in the passport department.”


Halima Is My Hero

Many men had eyes on Halima and wanted to marry her as a second wife, but they were scared to propose to her since according to the culture, her brothers-in-law had the priority to marry her.

Latest Poems

afghan soldier with rocket launcher

Ode to the Afghan Soldier

Look! All my brothers come to my funeral.
Your son is brave.
I am proud of my wreath.
Dear Mother: Don’t wait anymore.

cooped up in van

Inside Burqa

It hid my pouts and smiles
It made me fear what I want to see



She thought she’d spend her life serving him
Her four children sometimes full, sometimes hungry
She thought just be nice and obey.

Latest AWWP News


AWWP Reading in Ridgewood, NJ on April 7th

A selection of poems, essays, and stories by participants of the Afghan Women’s Writing Project will be read by audience members, AWWP staff and volunteers, and special guests. AWWP believes that to tell one’s story is a human right, and this work testifies to the bravery of Afghan women and to the power of their words. Author and AWWP founder Masha Hamilton will also read from her latest novel What Changes Everything. Admission is free.

The Indomitable Spirit of Afghan Women Writers

Phil Latham of the News Journal (Longview, TX), praises AWWP’s Marzia at the recent Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference in Seattle.


International Women’s Day, March 8 2014

The work presented here was written by AWWP writers in honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2014. Please click to read all of the pieces.

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project has been recognized by The Women’s National Book Association and the New York State Division of Human Rights.