The Scent of Mint

It was Friday evening and as usual I had to spend all my Friday in the house. I was so tired it was even hard to breathe. But I didn’t know what I was tired of: my repetitive office work, my assignments or maybe my life that was losing its meaning. I didn’t want to talk or hear anyone else talk. I even ignored my mother, who was inviting me to drink a cup of tea.

I wanted to go somewhere and think for few moments. I went to the yard; it was raining softly on the roses and sunflowers. I sat on the step and felt a bit chilled. For a moment, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath so that I could easily feel the fresh air.

Suddenly the mint bush my mother had recently planted came to my notice. Involuntarily, I walked toward it and saw the rain dewed on its green leaves, and then picked some of it. Its scent spread out in the air. The sweet smell reminded me of a picnic I had with my friends the year before in Iran. With a group of twenty girlfriends, I went to a place outside the city of Mashhad, called Shanddiz. It was indescribably beautiful. The abutting hills were covered with apricot and apple trees. The singing of birds among the trees soothed everyone’s ears. The pieces of cloud in the blue sky were like someone had painted them. After some hours of playing and walking around, two of the girls brought some wood to cook a traditional “kabab” for lunch. While they were cooking, I went to get water and noticed some mints growing under the trees. The freshness of the water and the scent of mint left a lovely feeling in me.

While I was pondering those sweet memories, my mother called me again, “Zakia, your tea is getting cold!” I felt refreshed and didn’t have my Friday sadness anymore. I smiled and replied, “Okay, Mom, I am coming,” and I broke off some mint leaves for her.

By Zakia


  1. Lu Vickers says:

    Nice work Zakia. I like how you used so much color in this piece.

  2. This is a wonderful piece of writing that illustrates the power of smell in evoking the past. Beautiful work!

  3. Dear Zakia:

    I can learn a great deal from your courage and optimism. Your story makes it easier for me to walk into my day no matter my small heartaches.
    That you find such comfort in nature is a lesson for us all. Yes, there are some things, some memories that no one can take from you.

    I have taken in the Rosemary bush (from my fall garden) and it, like your mint, gives me peace, provides calm, hope. I like that we are thinking of such things in tandum.

    Slow the piece down, tell me about the kind of work you are doing before you go out into the garden. Tell me why Friday is different, just through the details, not directly.

    May I see this piece again once you edit?

    Peace be with you.

  4. A lovely piece – refreshing!

  5. Nickelle says:

    It was so lovely to hear a memory of a happy time from you. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Stella says:

    Salaam Aluikum Zakia,

    Well done. I really loved your description of nature and how you seem to find comfort in it. Your very vivid details made me feel as though I was there with you.

    Peace to you and family,

  7. That was absolutely beautiful. It’s very true how easily we can be transported to pleasant memories and allow them to refresh us. We keep them inside, and we just need to remember that.
    Great work.

  8. I loved the beginning of the piece. It made me want to read more.

  9. What a beautiful piece incorporated from such a fresh sense of imagery. I myself felt refreshed after my own hot day. If only we could all hold onto such lovely memories with such a poignant voice.

  10. Hi Zakia,

    I just had a very similar day today… the same listless, restless heaviness invaded me this afternoon ~ and I felt that there was no reason to move or to not move ~ a type of fluid-frozen indecision. It was not the scent of mint that freed me, but rather the shelling freshly picked peas while sitting on the porch and watching the approaching storm clouds, layered in shades of gray ~ that reconnected me with gratitude. Grateful for the fresh peas and the moist breeze bringing in the summer storm….

    I hope to read more of your writing,


  11. Sakhi Hassany says:

    Zakia Jan:
    This piece of your writing is gonna get an A+ at the uni, and I am sure you are a great writer that had applied the creativness in this piece.
    I Loved it and wanted to read more and more….Thanks a lot

  12. Bree D. says:

    Zakia, your writing really hits home with me. I truly understand the feeling of needing time to sit alone and ponder about life and what you want out of it. You also used wonderful imagery with your words.

  13. Kathleen D. says:

    Zakia, I loved how you were able to transport me to a moment of happiness for you. Your descriptions are so vivid I felt like I was there. I can just imagine all of those beautiful flowers that surrounded you and the smell of mint that triggered a happy memory for you.

  14. Maureen D says:

    Zakia, your story was so fulll of life and happiness. I felt like I was actually there and could smell the mint leaves and see the painted clouds in the sky. When I am feeling down, I like to sit in a quiet space by myself too and read or go outside and take in the beauty of nature. Thank you for sharing this happy moment with us.

  15. This is one of the best pieces I have read in a while. You are a very good writer, the way you expressed your story. I felt like i was right there with you. I could almost smell the mint leaves, and taste the tea! This is a story that I won’t forget. I look forward to reading more.

  16. isnt it funny how something so simple can turn your whole day around.

  17. Teresa McAleenan says:

    You wrote a fine, captivating piece that shows up the evocative details; “the rain dewed on its green leaves” and “Involuntarily, I walked toward it…”

    You truly remind me of the power of going back to a memory and re-living it all over again with your sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and so on. It can be so healing to do this, right.
    And we can do this when we need to and return to our day refreshed like you did.
    Thank you for this special writing. Teresa

  18. Zakia jan,
    Thank you for sharing your story. It has a good start and end. I liked your description and the connection of your current life to the past. Good luck

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