When I open my eyes to this world, everyone turns sad.
When they learn my gender, people say oh my God.
When I am small and need my father’s love and kindness, he turns his back on me, giving all his love to his sons instead.
When I speak loudly, everyone tells me “speak softly, it is a shame you are a girl, a girl should speak quietly.”
When I go to the masjeed (mosque), I am told not to look other places, just go straight there and return.
When I am ready to attend school, no one allows me.
When I become sick, no one cares for me.
When I need something or want something, I can’t get it, even if it costs little.
When they want me to marry, they give me no choice and will not hear me.
When I want to defend my rights, they beat me, or kill me.
When I am pregnant, no taking care of me.
When someone asks the father of my children about them, he will not speak his daughters’ names, for fear of bringing shame, and has no pride in them.
When I bear daughters, more than two or three, they try to name my baby Bas bi bi, which means stop bringing girls.
When I bear more daughters, they beat me and marry another woman, and think the fault is mine alone.
When I bear a son, they feed him but I am left uncared for.

You know why?
I am a woman.

Just a woman.
That is my mistake.
Just being a woman.

By Freshta