My Country

I am from a country where houses and schools are burned
I can smell the smoke and hear painful
voices with hearts breaking from sorrows of loss
That say: Stop. We don’t need war anymore

I am from a country where women burn themselves
to commit suicide and escape from their family’s violence
I can hear the voices
That say: Stop. We don’t need violence anymore

I am from a country where everyone struggles
to bring a positive change for a peaceful life
Where peace workers are like angels,
But the change comes too slow.

I am from a country where hundred thousands of
eyes look toward a peace
that still can barely be visualized.

By Zakia


  1. Maureen D says:

    Zakia, I am so absolutely moved by your poem. I felt the intensity, emotion, and imagery after reading every line. I hope that someday we can all live in a world of peace…no more war, no more violence, and no more hate. I have confidence that the world can change and will change with time, I hope the visualizations of peace soon become clearer and clearer an that it may be a reality.

  2. Dear Zakia,

    The poem you have written is very powerful and moving. It is insightful and raw. Your feelings bleed out through your words, and I can see your strife through your tone and language. I urge you to continue to fight out against wrongdoings and follow your heart in fighting for what is right. It may be a difficult road to follow, but it is a road worth following. Continue to fight for the rights of women and students alike. I pray for your safekeeping, and for brighter days ahead. I also would like to say you are so very strong for being able to express so much raw emotion and feeling in a brief passage. As you said, hundred thousand eyes look toward a future of peace, and although the sight may be blurred, it is coming.


  3. Taneshar says:

    This is an amazing poem, Zakia. Its really touching and beautiful. I love he way your poem relects your life, I cant imagine what you have to go through. Lots of love Zakia.

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