Until when
Must I hope for donors,
Must I depend upon businessmen,
Must I wait for the rich,
Must I look to the kindness of strangers
To take my hand
And support me?

I feel shame.

Our principal lines us up
To receive clothing, food, pens
From the rich.
The government holds a festival,
Tells us to sing
While other children enjoy the party,
Their parents are here.
I, the orphan, must obey the order.

I feel shame.

I grumble,
Ask why, why
Adversity has come my way.
I have lost my parents,
Become homeless,
Needy of help.
I am called poor orphan,
Poor orphan.

Is it my mistake?
It was not my wish to lose
My parents, my friends, my shelter.
I am an orphan—would
that my parents were still alive.

Alone at night
I imagine
My parents paving the road
For my education.
I am needy now,
I cry at my lessons,
So low at the orphan school.
I cry to myself.

And suddenly, I feel a vortex
In my heart,
A vortex of a storm.
The sky clouds suddenly,
I cry.
No one knows rain at night,
When morning comes,
The land all wet,
These rainy tears
Become my life friend.

I am a human,
I have dignity too.
I don’t want their clothing.
I need to stand on my own educated feet.
My government at my side,
Building the way for orphans
To go to a university.
I do not need to stand in a line.
I will create my own self-confidence.

By Freshta