When you come,
Nature wears green clothes.
Grasses raise their necks,
Plants birth flowers,
Fruitful trees bear fruit.
Nightingales sing,
‘Welcome spring.’
Oh, my spring!
Come, I await you.

When you arrive,
Trees awaken,
Bloom their buds
As they too sing spring’s song.
When you come,
Mushrooms sprout beside gurgling springs
That wash us all
Clean with new nature’s face.

Dolphin, fish and minnow
Dive and frolic in the water.
Rivers roar.
Hidden rainbows reveal their seven colors.
Flowers smile, face south,
Blossom their perfume.
When you come
I too face south in joy.
Butterflies dance, laugh.
Birds carry string for their nests.
Frogs croak your sound.
Oh my spring!
Come, I await you.

Ants emerge, begin their forage.
The desert wears red and purple.
Stars twinkle in the sky.
The moon sings.
Oh, my spring!
Come, I await you.

Oh, my spring!
Come, come, come.
My spring,
Lovely spring,
Dreamy spring,
Show me your green face,
Your pink hearth.
I cannot wait to see you.

By Freshta