(Editor’s note: Afghanistan’s poppy crop is so extensive that it supplies about 90 percent of the world’s opium.)

I hate you, poppy.
You have ruined my life
You took my happiness
You made me addicted
When I made friends with you
I lost my intellect, my talent, my knowledge of myself
You took my fresh face and made it ugly
You made me live alone
Everyone hates me
And I hate you, poppy.

The first time I met your flowery face
I did not know that your real face is dark poison
Your red face sips human blood
Your white face empties the human mind of wisdom.
Your purple face creates insanity.
You have hidden sides that destroy peoples’ lives.
My life.
You transmitted your poisons into my blood
You sapped my energy
I hate you, poppy.

Who can separate a person from his family?
Who can take away a family’s shelter?
Who can teach a person to beat his wife and children?
To steal money from his family?
You, poppy.
You are a human enemy.
The first time people meet you, they like you.
But I hate you, poppy.

You have destroyed my life
And replaced my house with ruin and garbage
Now I pass nights and days in the streets
Children make fun of me
I can’t clean my body
I can’t comb my hair
Now I look brutal
You destroyed my mentality
Made my life one of risk
You are not a friend of health.
You are my enemy
I hate you, poppy.

By Freshta