Shouting for Their Rights

Afghan women want only their rights. But which rights? The fact is that no sound remains of Afghan women shouting for their rights.

What do Afghan women want from the world and their country? They want honor, confidence and respect.

Afghan women want to pick up a pen and write their destiny. With their own hands, they want to remove the destinies that have been written by others.

Afghan women are tired of staying at home. Like other women around the world, they want to work for the development of their country.

Women have value. Afghan women are valuable. They do not want to be regarded with contempt. Afghan women no longer want to hear that a woman has no value.

Afghan women want education, which gives a person value. Education is how Afghan women can help develop their country.

Afghan women have wings for flying. Afghan women want to be free like other birds that fly into the blue sky. But ancient cultures and old thoughts have clipped their wings and, like birds alone in cages, they remain looking out, waiting to fly to the highest point in the sky.

Afghan women quickly become old, their wishes carried with them to the grave. Still, their children remain, becoming brave women and men. Afghan women want their children to complete their wishes. Then the souls of Afghan women are happy.

By Sabira


  1. Sabira,

    Hello from Los Angeles, CA, USA. I’ve lived in the US all my life, my ancestry is Mexican and Italian.

    I’m not at all in touch with my heritage and consider myself American. Our country was founded by immigrant people from all over the world. Over the last 200 years our citizens had to struggle through many obstacles including slavery, civil war, women’s rights, racial segregation, wars most of our people don’t want, and wide-spread ignorance just to name a few challenges. We have a few terrible people and millions wonderful people co-existing in the same country, in the same world.

    So many women and men in America are reading this right now, Sabira, in disbelief that it’s possible someone could hold you as anything less than immensely valuable regard. So much of the world has no idea what life in Afghanistan is like for women or how the most basic choices and needs are very limited. Keep writing Sabira. Together we can change the ‘destiny written by others” by revealing the truth and revealing the true desires of the Afghan women.

    While I believe that an education is a valuable thing, a woman, or any child born to this world deserves to be treated lovingly and be guided to his or her path in life.

    We want the Afghan women to share their knowledge with us, their delicious cooking (buranee badenjan!), their sense of humor, everything. We want to visit Afghanistan some day!

    Sincerely, Arlene

  2. Nancy Antle says:

    This is powerful writing! I especially like they way you say that Afghan women have “wings for flying” but “ancient cultures and old thoughts have clipped their wings”. Beautifully said. I feel sure that strong women like you are going to change your world.

  3. Elisabeth says:


  4. Victoria says:

    I fail to understand how these so called men can hate women sooo much. After all, it was a woman who gave each of these “men” life. Every woman is valuable! Your life is meaningful, keep up the good work & make sure your voice is heard. We hear you & we support you!

  5. Jessica says:

    I am touched by your words. Be brave and keep sending them. We are sharing the same concious web. Your thoughts reveal it. Jessica

  6. Robbie says:

    Sabira, it was an honor to read this poem out loud at a performance called Out of Silence. Your words resonated through a high school auditorium, and were quoted in the local newspaper that reaches across our state. As I rehearsed this piece, I wanted to give your words the best possible performance, I hope I correctly conveyed your powerful thoughts. Keep writing, keep believing in yourself and in your country!

  7. Sabira, thank you so much for sharing your beliefs. I believe that you can change this problem, and help give Afghan women rights.

  8. Women are more than victims – they are the solution. Keep writing Sabira, people are listening.

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