earthYou are my eyes
Without you, I can’t see the world
Do not close our eyes
Do not flicker.

You are my blood
Without you, I am lost
You are my arm
Oh please! Do not flicker.

One day I found you with closed eyes
I double-clicked
I begged: “Please open your eyes”
But you couldn’t.

Later you twinkled and opened your eyes
But as I watched, you flickered
I pleaded, “Tell me in advance when you are going to flicker”
You said: “I flicker whenever I want!”

When you are with me
Brightness comes to my eyes
Joy comes to my heart
Smiles come to my face
I say “Thank God!”
And directly keep eye-contact with you.

When you go out
I sigh, “Oh, my God”
I become frozen
You are my eyes
Just keep looking at me
Do not flicker
Do not flicker please.

By Freshta