Yagana introduction

Yagana was born in Kandahar, one of five children. During the Taliban period, she and her family moved to Pakistan. She is currently studying business administration and wants to be a lawyer.


  1. Dawn Ursula says:

    I want to offer congratulations to you and the other writers on a beautiful event Monday night in Washington DC at Theatre J. I feel so honored to have been one of nine actresses who presented your work. You have an incredible gift, immense talent and huge generosity. I encourage you to continue writing and thank you once again for sharing your stories.

    Peace to you.


  2. Dear all,
    My name is Pedro Oliveira and I am a Portuguese psychologist with a Phd in anthropology completed at Brunel University, UK: http://www.brunel.ac.uk/about/acad/sss/research/centres/cfar/students.

    I am currently putting on a Blog-project on digital activism that involves the creation of an interrelated network of blogs made by people wanting to learn about a form of ‘human difference’ (based on class, culture, ethnicity, faith, gender, etc), research that difference, reflect on the process and write about it.

    By and large, the aim of this project is to combine a form of digital and face to face activism through multiplying narratives of people pursuing knowledge of diversity through experience, hence helping to counter-act the outgrowth of social and racial tension as a consequence of current recession.

    As an anthropologist I use the main blog of this project to provide some general directions on how to go about researching the process and building your own narrative. The Blog-Project and associated Facebook community is meant for all willing to learn and write about diversity, irrespective of previous training or background.

    Once you have selected the form of ‘difference’ you want to look into, anyone can open an associated Chain Blog presenting their own narrative and writing about their project. By joining our Facebook community bloggers can start forming an interrelated network.

    It would be great to have participation from your community.
    You will find me here: http://chainsofdifference.blogspot.com/

    For the Facebook community and Project Summary please see: http://neuroanthropology.net/2010/06/25/chains-of-difference/

    I look forward to participation from your online community.

    Yagana, I am sorry if I don’t leave any more invitations on the other members of this online commmunity. I left 6 invitations, including you, in reply to comments. Everyone in here, however, is literally, invited to join the project.

    It would be great to have you with us.

    Regards, Pedro

  3. Shahida says:

    Dear Aunt:

    your story is just impressing me,keep on good working ,and I like it a lot.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

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