blossomYour love gives me power,
teaches me how to love others, enjoy life.
Your smile makes me hopeful.
Your kindness, Mother, teaches me to be gentle.
Your embrace shows me the way to be close to others.
In times of sadness, your tears give me strength.
The way you see, Mother, teaches me
to see the world differently.
Your advice, so sweet and wise, offers me
a better future.
Mother, your laugh teaches me joy.
Your prayers support me.
Like Spring that never changes to Fall,
you are a blossom that brings beauty to life.
Thank you, Mother. You are a precious gift from God.

By Husnia


  1. We love the Afghan Women’s Writing Project and would love to add it to our list of resources if this is ok with all of you on our nonprofit’s website: Help Women Heal, Incorporated.

    This poem, Mother, touches me very deeply. What a beautiful recipe for all of us who wish to nurture…

  2. Husnia,
    Thanks. Your poem reminds me of the strength of Afghan women i admire.
    Jackyn/jels, CA, USA (taught at Kabul University, ’76 &’77)

  3. José María says:

    Un hermoso poema, dedicado a todas las mujeres de Afganistán y del mundo que no se dejan amedrentar por toda la violencia su alrededor, que la paz sea con ustedes.

  4. Sakhi Hassany says:

    Husni Sister, this is a very powerful touching poem, I loved it…Good Job, it made me so happy to read all the writings of the people most of whom I know. You are right, Mothers are the Greatest Gifts that God ever donated to all humanities….

  5. Meena Z. says:

    Husnia Jan, your peom is so beautifully written that made me cry. You are a great human being. Plz keep writing!!! I am already a big fan of your writings. (You know that, right?)

  6. My sister, I really love your poem.
    this is great. keep continue….

  7. Anne G. says:

    I feel so honored and privileged to know you. If you were my own daughter I would be so very proud and in great admiration of you that I would need to write a poem for you entitled: “Daughter” You have a wonderful gift and I hope you will continue to share your writings.

  8. This is such a moving, simple poem expressing the powerful influence that your mother has had in your life. I am so happy that you had such a wonderful mother to teach you how to live and love and be strong despite the hardships. I love the imagery that you use: “Like Spring that never changes to Fall, you are a blossom that brings beauty to life.” What a wonderful thing to say to your mother! I’m sure she is so proud of you!

  9. Alex Porter says:

    The title of this poem is what instantly attracted me to it. Being one who also values his mother, it really touched me. Starting off immediately with explaining how her love shows you to love was a good idea in my opinion. It blatantly shows the powerful influence a mother has on her child and how it will continue to influence others when the child shows his or her own love. I feel that mothers are kind, comforting women who are here to teach us, and you definitely address each of these topics, especially the part where you say “In times of sadness, your tears give me strength”. I can’t count the number of times my own mother has helped me through touch moments. I’m hoping that this is a poem about your own experiences and not wishful thinking. I feel that everyone deserves to be raised by their mother, and this feeling is completely backed up by your poem.

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