A Mother Expecting Still

Yes, a mother waits to see her child
after four years, she doesn’t know how he looks
She imagines he looks like her,
But maybe not.
She hopes he is learning
But she has no way to know.

I speak of a young girl
Married to a cruel, uneducated man
After a year of his beatings, the man returned the girl to her father’s home.
But she was pregnant,
Expecting a child.

At 17, the girl became a mother.
A difficult birth but as soon as she opened her eyes,
She asked her mother:
“What is my child? A son? A daughter?”

“It was a son,” her mother said with tears on her face.
“Where is he now?”
“He has gone with his father’s family,” the mother said.
The girl, too, began to cry. “Why didn’t you allow me
To see him even once? Why? Why?”

When she returned home, the girl
Could not stop thinking about the baby without a mother.
Who will feed my son?
Who will care for him as I would?
At first, she sent her milk to feed her absent son.
But then the father’s family turned the milk away.

People told her: “You very unlucky girl,
Divorced and without your child.”
But she hid her sorrow
Cried when she was alone
Never gave up.
Asked Allah for help.

Now she is tired and
Longs to relax, longs for
A life without problems, she wants
To see her son.

She hopes when he grows up,
He will come to his mother.
She believes no one can take a mother’s place.
A mother and child can never lose one another.

Let’s support this mother.
May she have help and confidence
As she continues her life of waiting,
A mother expecting still.

By Seeta


  1. A beautiful, sad poem. Thank you for writing it.

  2. Elisabeth Lehr says:

    Seeta, I am so deeply moved by your beautiful, sad poem.

    Thank you.

  3. The separation of a mother and her baby, the cruelty of an unfeeling man and the powerlessness of this woman’s situation makes me glad you have given voice to this story.

  4. Laura Rauser says:

    you are an amazing strong woman!!
    Thank you so much for writing this poem and sharing your story.
    A mother’s place can can never be taken by somebody else,
    it is this unique connection that will never disappear!
    I pray for you that you will see your child one day again!
    stay strong and livee your the way you want to live it!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Your story made me think of a life without my mom, which moved me to tears. To have that choice stolen from you is worse than cruelest torture I’ve heard of. The bravery it takes to tell you’re story still astounds me. Thank you for your courage.

  6. I cannot imagine the horror of having a child taken away. Thank you for bravely sharing this story and for giving voice to something so painful.


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