If You Kill Me

I won’t come back
I won’t come back
It makes no difference if I die
It makes no difference if all of you forget me
I won’t come back to you
I remember your bad works
Insult me
Beat me
Hate me
You taught me that I deserved worse
I will forget you and all the insults, beatings and hatred
I won’t come to you
If you kill me
If you kill me

By Tabasom


  1. Dearest Tabasom,
    My prayers and hope for you and your beautiful, strong, strong writing are with you. I cherish your right to speak and express to the world whatever is in your heart amd mind.
    Love, Rachel

  2. Tabasom,
    Keep writing. Your poetry is beautiful and will reach the ears of those meant to hear it. Your poem needs to be read aloud so the heart can listen and help soothe the tangled emotions that a lack of freedom brings.

  3. Mari L Rivers says:

    May your words from the heart, be heard through out the world and touch the very soul of all human beings, my sister, my prayers and heart, cry out for your injustice and all the women suffering due to inhuman treatment and violation of your human and civil rights.

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