Sometimes it’s rainy.
Sometimes it’s sunny.
Sometimes it’s windy,
or stormy or snowy.

Sometimes, American nature
holds clouds of grief and worry
for all the killing in our unsecured world.

Sometimes, American nature
rains, crying for Palestinians,
Afghans — Somalia, Ethiopia,
so many underdeveloped countries.

American nature thunders in war
to raze dishonest people in power
and makes rainbows for the wise and peaceful.

Sometimes it’s stormy in the world’s conflicts.
Sometimes, it is dry. Leaves fall down like the dead;
American earth is covered in a yellow cloth of mourning
as mothers lose their children,
as children lose their parents.

Sometimes there is fog —
American nature has to breathe it in
to sort so many of the world’s challenges.

Sometimes there is a chill — too cold to
think about the hardest of problems.
The snow can bury dilemmas and answers
to world puzzles, and the sun may even shine
on deceitful crystals of ice.
Cold, complicated issues cloud
American nature in darkness —
its own country’s complaints,
its own uncertain, future nature.

America’s nature tells a story
of all countries.
Its winds bring thoughts
Its rains can bring worry
Though mostly it smiles
For peace and security.
It twinkles for its freedom
Its light breezes bring celebrations and smiles
and shines on its system of education.

American nature can tell you everything and anything.

By Freshta