You cry, candle, without sound,
tell me your secret
while your heart melts
with the dance of your light—
a flame alive throughout the night.
In the heart of darkness
your fire is the brother of hope.
When all is black,
I see your glow through windows.
You give me faith,
make my heart full.
I feel warmed by you,
in the clandestine night,
tranquil in your patient beauty.
You know time,
reign eternally
without fear of annihilation.
You cry, candle, without sound.
I contemplate your devotion
trust your flame.

I revel in your tears.
Tell me, candle, how I can be like you.

By Mina M.


  1. F Rezaei says:

    Nice & neat… Well done.

  2. This poem evokes such strong feelings. The idea of a candle crying and its heart melting is something I wouldn’t have thought of myself (I love that, when I read a story or poem and think about how it wouldn’t have occurred to me before, but now that the writer mentions it–yes, it makes so much sense).


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