Time gets old.
I hear your voice
behind the wall.
When the curtain is drawn,
you surrender to a muddied world.
Can you see who you are,
in prison, wishing for freedom?
Pain cannot relieve pain.
Can you hear my voice?
Who can rescue you?
Can you stand?
Veils are everywhere.
Up in the hills, there is a way.
The truth of the tulip
will one day be revealed.
Look at the moon—
its light illuminates your face.
Listen to the wind—
your voice is there.
Stand on the path,
and look behind.
Who knows the end?
You must survive.

By Mina M

photo: David Guttenfelder/Associated Press


  1. Mina, Yours in the first poem I’ve read on this website and it’s fantastic. Your terse sentences evoke haunting images and heartfelt emotion while the last two lines leave me with a sense of hope. Half the time you don’t even realize the poem is rhyming it flows so well. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you in these troubled times, keep writing, it will save our lives.

  2. Thank you Mima. . .beautiful poem and heart. . . .

    May all that your heart desires for you and your sisters come to be. . .

    My prayers and good thoughts are with you.

    Your voice is strong and pure and powerful!

    Marci Mattes

  3. Dear Mina,

    I dont know you but have seen much of your writing in the blog. this is the best one that touched my heart leaving me empowered and survive from the harshness that exists for us in this afghan culture.

    you gave us another hope to really survive.

    I wish you good luck for your writing. If you got a chance do see my writing on my blog and let me have your comments.


  4. Very powerful piece. Thank you for sharing.

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