I Wish My Country Was Not My Love

I wish Afghanistan was not a country
But instead a dry land
And no one lived in it.
I wish my country was not my love
I suffer from its pains.
Every problem grows in my country
I wish my country was only mountains
Without people
Or that it had a magic border
So I could close the doors
So terrorists could not come
For suicide attacks.

By Tabasom

photo by A. Slobodianik


  1. Karl Gatti says:

    Your poem is very sad. I pray that someday, not too long from now, that you can write a happier poem, a joyful poem about your country at peace, filled with the laughter of boys and girls playing during recess at their new schools. Keep writing and know that poetry is a very good way to touch people on a deep level that plain words can never reach. I too am a poet and I write about love in all its many disguises. Just as your country needs peace, the whole world needs more love. Respectfully, Karl Gatti

  2. And I wish , my dear Tabasom, that some day we all are going to see our countries just with love. Your poem is real and it expresses your pain. keep writing and expressing all what you have inside. I feel so proud of you.
    Love, Vanya.

  3. I read your poem to my class because I feel my Australian people forget the women who are suffering in silence so far away. I believe your poem touched many of my classmates and helped to remind them how your women suffer.
    Thank you for your honesty and I pray for your country and for peace for your heart..

  4. Alexandra says:

    Your poem is full of a terrible and heavy beauty. May you find comfort in this beauty.
    May you find strength to bear your truths. May you continue to find words to say these truths to our world.

  5. At once very simple and very complex. And very emotive, to be sure. Thank you for sharing, Tabasom. This notion of country and home and love of place is a hard one to grapple with. Even though bad things can happen in Afghanistan, know that you will always carry it’s beauty with you – in you – always.

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