My Twilight Wish

Waiting for the sunrise
Reminded me of my innocent wish
In the pleasant silence of the night
I took a ride with my wish
To the top of a fresh green hill
Surrounded by the twilight and silence of the night
I found myself lying down on the grass and facing the sky
The rising moon was at its fullest
The addition of the beauty was with the sparkling stars
The cold air breeze
Embraced my skin so deeply
I felt it in my heart
And sensation poured out of my eyes
Was the twilight what I waited for so long?
No sound heard
No existence felt, but Yes
The twilight everywhere
Yes I could feel my wish so close
Yes I could feel the night
Yes I could spend hours on this thought
The soft spoken sunrise brought me back from my innocent wish with a golden morning greeting. . .

By Hasiba


  1. Fatana says:

    Hasib janee,
    I really don’t know how I should express my feelings, about your writing.
    I just wanna say that your future is bright. Keep up the excellent work.
    I am really proud of you.
    Loads of love and best wishes.

  2. Hasiba says:

    Fati Jaan,

    Thank you sooo much. If it wasn’t the encouragement from you all (my friends and family), I wouldn’t have taken the first step. Thank you so much once again. . .



  3. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to reading more from you. All the best.

  4. Jackie says:

    So lovely… to think all of us share that same magical sky…such a beautiful poem. May all your treasured wishes come true!

  5. Wonderful! Amazing………….

    Proud to have such an intelligent and samrt Afghan girl.Keep it up!

    Looking forward to reading such nice poems from you in the future too inshallah.

    Best of Luck!

  6. Meghan D. says:

    This poem was beautiful. This poem really allowed me to feel a connection with you and your life. We all look up to the same stars at night. Everyone needs a quiet and special place, thank you for sharing this poetry and I hope you keep writing.

  7. Nicole A.D. says:


    This poem is unbelievably beautiful. Looking at the stars at night is my favorite thing to do, and reading about your connection with them made me feel like we aren’t so separated by distance. Keep on writing! You are really talented.

  8. Hillary says:

    I could feel your words run across me. Thank you for the beauty you have expressed.

  9. Exquisite and elegant. I love this.

  10. Barbara says:

    Hasiba, you write so beautifully. I feel as if I am with you when I read what you write.

  11. Cabrilla McGinn says:


    This poem is beautiful. I cannot relate to living in a reality where the solitude of darkness is more favorable to the bustling, bursting beauty of light. I do understand the necessity of finding personal calm amidst conflict. I think that the message of naturalism that you portray is so potent. Many philosophers and wise cultures have believed that if you are close to nature you will be close to your humanity. I would like to know how you feel about the morning, and what that morning represents for you. Overall, this poem is great. Thank you for sharing.


  12. Hello. Greetings from Canada. I can not only I picture the images you painted in your writing but I can feel the emotion attached to them. Thank you Hasiba for sharing.

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