Today there was no school and no work. We were off because of the Kabul Conference. Having this time to myself gave me time to write for AWWP and made me think of what made me proud.

I am proud that I came back to Afghanistan. Everybody warned me it would turn out to be a bad decision and I would be miserable. When I returned, I found out that this was not true. Afghanistan is not a hell. It is just tired of war, explosions, guns, and extremists.

Afghanistan has many things to offer. There is no rule that says you cannot use library books. There is no rule that forbids being a member of a sports team in your high school. There is nothing that prevents you from buying a house. There are no laws that allow the police to stop you from leaving one city for another city.

In Iran, these rules exist. Living in Iran as an Afghan refugee is living without living. My family and I, along with many other Afghan refugees, did not have the right to do many things simply because we were refugees in Iran.

Now I feel freedom. I understand freedom. I have freedom. Now we don’t have a holy powerful leader to think for us. Instead, we think for ourselves. Now we don’t have such a supreme leader who makes decisions for us. We make our own decisions. Now that we are back in Afghanistan, there is no such thing as a powerful government that controls your mind and body, or that tells you how much to think and what to wear.

Now I can fly to the unlimited sky of thoughts. There are no walls to stop me from thinking.

It is said that there is no system of law in Afghanistan. But this is a great opportunity to create a system that does not control people. This is the time to create a system that respects people’s thoughts and opinions and allows them to think. We can make a system that does not make life difficult but enjoys seeing others enjoy life.

It is such happiness to live in Afghanistan and not in Iran.

By Shakila