Grandma’s Kitchen

Crowded as a fish market
With walls as white as a glass of milk
It is a place of love
Where everyone helps each other
Old dishes from her childhood
But more modern than before
It is a place of kindness
Where things are kept very clean
And young girls hold their secret chit chats
And give advice to each other
That is my Grandma’s kitchen

By Yagana


  1. Yagana,

    I love your Grandmother´s Kitchen! What a powerful place. Love. Kindness. Secret chit-chats. I remember well the fragrance of baking bread in my own Grandmother´s kitchen on the Atlantic seaboard. Kitchens are wonderful Loving and Living spaces. Creative places. Thankyou.

  2. Thank you so much :)!

  3. Mary G. says:

    I love the peace and calm of this poem. The line about walls as white as a glass of milk is wonderful and reminds us that there will be less frightening times and your families will be safe. Keep writing these peoms, Yagana.

    Love, Miss Mary

  4. Nancy Antle says:

    Beautiful imagery! I felt like I was there with you. Lovely writing.

  5. Lorraine says:

    This poem, filled with such rich and nourishing images as – “white as a glass of milk” – promises the sustenance that we all need and, perhaps, were fortunate to have received from a grandmother.
    I have fond memories of time spent in my grandmother’s kitchen. She was a fastidious homemaker, and as kind and wise as her kitchen was clean.
    Thank you for this beautiful poem.

  6. Alex Porter says:

    Your poem is both simple and heartwarming. It creates a completely believable environment that gives the reader the feeling that they are actually there. “It is a place of love
    Where everyone helps each other” hints that such a place is actually rare since it has to be defined. This gives the impression to the reader that the world outside of the kitchen is the exact opposite, so I can see a hint of a darker theme in your poem, which gives it a bit of flair. Of course I could be stretching it a bit, but this poem is fun to look at from different perspectives. I’m assuming that you have made this based off your own life experiences. If so, we can at least say that we share that in common. I also had a loving grandma.

  7. Vincent P says:

    This has beautiful imagery, it reminds me of my own family’s kitchen. Thank you for this beautiful poem!

  8. Beautiful poem, beautiful photograph! Thank you for sharing!

  9. shahira says:

    Dear Aunt Yagana jan,
    It was very hard to remember my grand grandmother, I really love this poem I hope I will be the same one day like you a writer, but I am still too young,
    Thank you so much for sharing this nice, kindness, sadness, happyness, I really love it.

    Thank you,

  10. halima behroz says:

    Dear Yagana,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem and I am sure that you have talent to keep writing and you have a very bright future.
    I love it

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