For You, Dad

Today as I look at you
I recall our memories together:
Your love for me, so touching,
Your care for me, so kind,
Your encouragement of me, so loving.
My first day of school, you took me.
Your tears the day I was so sick with a high fever.
The day you took me shopping for shoes.
The late nights that you worked,
The sacrifices you made for your family.
Each and everything you did for us,
I remember.

Now you are ill.
I cannot see this.
I cannot see you lying on the bed.
I cannot see your smile, lost.
I cannot see you weak.
I want my dad back,
My healthy dad,
With the smiling face.
The loving face.
I want you to get well.
I need you Dad.
I love you.
Please get well.

By Yalda

photo: Steve McCurry


  1. Yalda,

    A very touching poem about being the loving daughter of a loving father. Is he now better? Is he now smiling? Laughter and smiles are the loveliest of human attributes. Thankyou.

  2. Nicole A.D. says:


    This poem brought me to tears. Your poem is beautiful and your words really show how much you love and admire your father. It inspires me to reach out to my estranged father. I hope your father is doing well.

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