Today as I look at you
I recall our memories together:
Your love for me, so touching,
Your care for me, so kind,
Your encouragement of me, so loving.
My first day of school, you took me.
Your tears the day I was so sick with a high fever.
The day you took me shopping for shoes.
The late nights that you worked,
The sacrifices you made for your family.
Each and everything you did for us,
I remember.

Now you are ill.
I cannot see this.
I cannot see you lying on the bed.
I cannot see your smile, lost.
I cannot see you weak.
I want my dad back,
My healthy dad,
With the smiling face.
The loving face.
I want you to get well.
I need you Dad.
I love you.
Please get well.

By Yalda

photo: Steve McCurry