The election process has been going on in our country for months. It is one of the hottest news events among all people and news channels in our country.

In the city, candidates’ photos are everywhere. The city looks different from any other time. Some photos look good, some not. Some photos were colored over by people not liking them. It wasn’t good.

Every night my dad was invited somewhere for a gathering of the candidates in my province. I was not happy for my dad to go to such places, because I was afraid that something might happen; security is not good and every second there is fear of something happening, especially kidnapping and attacks. We all heard of it happening. It seemed whenever there were gatherings of people, attacks happened. Or some were killed for promoting their candidates.

Finally the day of the election arrived, and we were all given the day off from our offices. All the families gathered together at their homes. Early in the morning while having our breakfast, my family talked about the election, who we would vote for, which candidate is good and which one not good. We were not sure whether to go for voting or not to go. But then my dad asked all of us to get ready, and go to voting.

Although we had fear and worry, we got ready, left home, and walked to our nearest school, where the voting was going on. There were a lot of people and the area for the women separated from the men. I was afraid. I wanted to hurry and finish our voting so we go back home. But thankfully nothing happened.

My mom, my sisters, and I joined the other women in the women’s lines. While we waited we talked with other women asking who do you like and who are you going to vote for? Some women answered but others would not tell who they were going to vote for. We had to wait about ten minutes. When our turns came, we went and voted for our choice of candidate. I felt good; I had the freedom to vote for the person of my own choice.

I liked the voting system; it was all organized with nice and trained people. And I am happy that the Election Day passed calmly, without any major incidents or attacks. People seemed happy and went back to work, like normal.

I went back home with my family after voting. There was a good feeling on the way back home. We saw people gathering and going for voting. We called relatives and friends that day asking them who they voted for and how the security was in their voting area. Everyone was happy.

By Yalda

photo: Christopher Anderson / Magnum Photos