Whenever the door of my heart begins to open
Something closes it with fear.
Whenever I try to fly free and high
Something covers my wings before I can try.
Whenever it is time to speak up
Something seizes my words.
Whenever the past is about to be forgotten
Something reminds me of it over and over.
Whenever I can take a step forward
Something pulls me in reverse.
Whenever I can try a new endeavor
Something draws me back to the old.
Whenever I have a new idea
Something destroys it to the marrow.
Whenever my accomplishments blossom
Something keeps them captured.
Whenever more can be written
Something prevents me to continue.
Whenever I say enough is enough
Something says it will never be enough.
When will I find out what this
Something is?

by Meena Z.

photo by James Lee


  1. Naomi Benaron says:

    Meena! This is great. I am so happy to see this wonderful, powerful poem here. Thank you!

  2. Meena Z. says:

    Dearest Naomi Jan,

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate you and your support.

    Love you lots.

  3. Tristan says:

    this poem is really beautiful and i encourage you to keep writting

  4. Keqin Huang says:

    Meena I love this poem! Your wording is beautiful and thankyou for sharing!


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