God is with me!
He helps me when I need help
He forgives me when I make a mistake
He saves me when I am in danger

He heals me when I am sick
He gives me patience when I am in pain
He cures me when I am hurt

He encourages me when I feel dispirited
He loves me when I feel detested
He is with me when I feel lonely

He shows me the way when I am lost
He believes in me when I don’t believe in myself
He trusts me when I am not trusted by others

He hears me when I am speaking
He makes me happy when I am depressed
He smiles at me when I am cheerless

God is with me!
I am the luckiest!
I am the happiest!
I love you so much (Allah)

By Angela

Photo of a lake in the Central Highlands of Afghanistan by Jan Columbo