Gold Hidden in the River

I wish I wrote my destiny
With silver colors of happiness
That shined in my life

If I wrote my destiny
There would be no violence
No war
No fights or conflicts

I wish I wrote my destiny
I’d have no grief in my heart
I would never be a sad human,
A piece of gold hidden in the river

I would be happy
and free.

By Tabasom


  1. Tina Busch-Nema says:


    Beautiful, Beautiful poetry. Please keep writing. Please keep asking questions if only in your heart. But your poems will help others, your words release the pain you are in and give a voice for so many women who have NO voice or are afraid to use their voice.

    Strenght builds upon strenght. courage builds more courage. If you contiune you will find new resources within yourself.

  2. What a beautiful poem, your words bring tears to my eyes, but please do not stop writing… ever!

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