Imprisoned for Its Light

To suffer
To tolerate all the harsh words
To do what others say.

To hide my tears
To swallow my words
To lower my gaze to the ground.

That is what I am allowed.

I am not allowed choices
Or a voice
Or my own decisions

I live like a machine
Others hold the remote control.
My emotions and desires have been killed
My identity, my personality, my existence, my education
Have no value

Why? Why? Why?
A voice whispers in my ear:
In our land
The sun is sentenced for its light
Because it is believed that lightness is a crime.

By Emaan

Photo by Martien Van Asseldonk


  1. Tina Busch-Nema says:

    You are NOT dead! You have a voice! Continue to write your beautiful poems! They will release all the thoughts and dreams you have and you will have more! Dear Sister, please, please write. As women we stand together!
    I have lived in India in my Indian husband’s father’s house. It is a Hindi household. I know in a very small way the expectation of woman as servant, though I resist and can leave and go back to the US. My heart goes out to you. Please don’t give up! Please continue to ask your questions! You have a beautiful voice to share with the world. Do not give up!

  2. Elisabeth Lehr says:

    Dear, Dear Emaan–I hear your voice and I want to hear it more and more. Please keep writing and know that there are many people here who love and support you for who you are–as a woman–As A Human Being.

    love Elisabeth

  3. Dear Emaan,

    your poem and the talent it shows are amazing…feel so privileged and thankful to read it. Thanks for sharing such intimate, powerful feelings with us, you are so brave… You must know of the number of people who read your poem and felt for you…as someone else said above, Emaan, please, do not give up! wish you all the best, xxx

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