When I look out the window at dusk from my little room,
I observe a valley of optimism, full of beautiful trees and green grass.
I smell the sweet soft perfume of flowers.
I hear the singing and chirping of birds.
I listen to the relaxing sound of waterfalls
And I am at peace.
These all carry happiness for me and I feel pleased.

I observe the silver houses with dark gray rooftops.
I stare at the rainbow of lights shining from houses.
I see the silent mountains, shadows in the darkness.
I look up, I see the stunning twinkling stars in the sky.
The sun and the moon attract my concentration and
I consider how the moon and the sun are gracious and friendly to each other
Even though they are as different as night and day.
I want to live in that world – a pleasant, lovely world without hate.

I feel peaceful and thankful to my God.
I have started the next chapter in my life
With nobody to interfere in my life,
Nobody to deceive me,
Nobody to offend my loved ones,
Nobody to insult me and
Nobody who can reach me,
I am an untouchable shining star living in the sky.
Not a rain drop falling from the sky!

By Angela

photo:  An illuminated wedding hall at night in Chara-i-Sarsabzi Square, Kabul. PAJHWOK/Ahmadullah Salemi