“I don’t love you,” I told you.
“I am married!”
I had to say it.
I kept your love hidden in my heart.
Only my heart saw I loved you.

I felt shame.
How I broke your heart
With the evil words
“I don’t love you, I don’t love you.”

You left my house.
You trusted my words.
You didn’t look into my eyes.

You left, and my eyes followed you.
All of my body had eyes to look at you
And all of my cells were hands to hug you.

Nothing can remove you
From my heart, my darling.

Please forgive me.
All the words in my soul
Cried, “Sorry, sorry, sorry.”
I said, “Sorry,” sorry to you
But my sorry didn’t work.

You went far, far from my destiny.
Long years passed while I waited for you.
But you did not care for my apologies.

I can never forgive myself.

At night,
I hug your shadow.
I kiss you and say

By Roya

photo: Lena Slezic