Editor’s note: Scottish aid worker Linda Norgrove, 36, was kidnapped in eastern Afghanistan on September 26th and killed 12 days later during a U.S. military rescue attempt. This is written by an Afghan woman who worked at her side prior to her kidnapping.

I learned that a lady was coming from England to spend her worthy time with the poor in Afghanistan, especially poor women who do not have the ability to support their families and their children.

When she arrived, she was full of humanity, and she worked hard to establish different projects, including an agricultural project, a sporting business, a literary project, a poultry project, and many more to help Afghan communities rebuild their country and improve their situation.

She never accepted rest for herself; she didn’t even sit on the chair of her room. She always wanted to move and visit the needy and share her nice feelings with the community.

But unfortunately one day we were informed that she was kidnapped by some unknown people; we can never call them Afghan because all the world knows about the customs of Afghan people and that they are famous for their hospitality and would never act against a guest or a lady.

And this is what happened to Linda. We feel so sorry for this, and we wish all her family and friends patience. And we promise to continue the hard work to achieve the best for the projects Miss Linda started.

By Zarghuna