My dream for 2011 is not for myself. My dream is to see a bright future for the women of Afghanistan. I am 23 years old, and many people say to me, “Oh, Seeta, you are not able to do these things that you are talking about. First, you are a woman. And second, you are young.” Still, I have my plans, which I will write here.

I want to start a radio station, which I would name Rahe-e-Sabz (Green Way), for Afghan women in Farah Province to learn about their life and their rights. I chose this name because this station would be like a green light for women. For the first time, they would have a special radio station in Farah encouraging them to share their problems, tell stories of success for women, and learn the methods of life. I will also have an agriculture program to discuss the best way for women to make a business from farming, how to farm, and what they should plant to support themselves.

I would hire at least ten women. In Farah, there are no women working in radio media. I would like them to be introduced to this world and I would organize a training session for them. I have already talked with a trainer from Germany who is interested in training my women radio journalists.

The next plan is to provide workshops for women and girls. In Farah Province, many women do not have access to the Internet—some don’t even know what it is—so they do not know where they can find important information. In school, they receive education in chemistry, mathematics, and other subjects, but they need to go deeper. Since our country was destroyed and everything has been changed, it will take a lot of work to make everyone aware of their life and rights.

With all my heart, I want to work for Afghan women. I want to stop the violence and the lack of information for women. My goal is to improve their lives and save them from many problems. I am looking for hands to hold my hands and start moving forward. I need a budget to accomplish all this, and it is difficult as I am living in Afghanistan, a woman who herself has suffered a lot from life, who has a lot of pain in her heart.

When I sleep at night, I dream of the day the radio station will be inaugurated. I see many women together, laughing, happy to have their own radio station.

By Seeta

AP Photo/Farzana Wahidy