Mother, Forgive Me!

For being late every day
For making you fear losing me
For not having answers to your questions
For giving you sorrow and pain
Mother, forgive me

For causing you to suffer from my existence
For making your life a hell
For destroying the hopes in your heart
For failing to make your dreams real
Mother, forgive me

For asking you to wait until I find solutions
I see your tired eyes when I arrive home
I see hopes behind those black, gorgeous eyes
They ask for answers, but I’ve none to give
Mother, forgive me

For coming home again with empty hands
For having been born as your child
For being a stigma in your life
But, Mother, I don’t harm you intentionally
It is a punishment of nature

Mother! Forgive me
For being a girl

By Emaan

photo by Bruno


  1. Thank you for your wonderful poetry, you are a very talented writer and bring great inspiration to women around the world. I hope you have a wonderful new year!

  2. Kavoos Ravari says:

    You are beautiful so is your poetry,wish you the best .

  3. Zainab Yousofi says:

    Your poem was so good that made me cry. We are proud of your. Keep it up

  4. Margaret Wood says:

    Your mother’s heart is blessed to have you as her daughter. Be who you are and that will bring joy to her. Your poem touches my heart.

  5. We learn and grow from our actions..Beautiful words from your heart!

  6. Erin Todd says:

    Your words are very powerful. As another commenter says, “Your poem touches my heart.” Thank you for writing these lines. You are so brave!

  7. busisiwe venetia nxumalo says:

    Wow i am impressed!! i like the line mother,for give me.

  8. Deborah Garretson says:

    Very moving poem, well written.

  9. Emaan,
    This was heartbreaking. I just finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, so the plight of girls in your country is very fresh in my mind – and your poem illustrates it in such a personal and heart rending way.
    Keep writing!

  10. I feel that way too sometimes. Well Written

  11. I felt by my heart what you meant, your words translates everything, wish you all the best.

  12. it is such a nice poem, keep writing

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