God’s Creations

As a child, I was always afraid of animals and insects. We didn’t keep animals in the house and I wasn’t used to being around them. Why had God created cats and mice and chickens and cows? I wondered.

One hot summer night, my sister and I were sleeping in the yard, as we did every night. I was thinking about God’s creations. I saw myself in a house with many rooms. They were big and beautiful and empty.

Then an elephant appeared in front of me in one of the rooms. I saw a lion in another room. I was scared. I said to myself, “God, I hate animals. I am afraid of them. Why are they here?”

Suddenly more animals appeared in the rooms. They were coming towards me. I yelled “God! I do not like animals!” They disappeared. Then I saw my parents and my siblings sitting together in a room and talking. I called to my mother to tell her about the animals, but she could not hear me.

Then a voice coming from all sides was saying, “You do not like animals so we made them disappear. Your family too. We made them disappear.” I yelled, “Mom help me!” But her face became very strange. She became ugly with a black face and sharp, white teeth with her hair falling down on her forehead. She looked messy, with her sleeves hanging down to her fingers. It was a terrible face and body and I felt she wanted to eat me. I knew this was not my mother, and I regretted having asked for help, so I yelled to God: “You are the only one who can help me. I just want the help of you, no one else. I want to escape from here.”

My mother with the black face was now close to me, saying, “I am not your mother. I am evil.” When I heard this, the house disappeared, and I was then standing on top of a hill, looking down at flames and fire. The evil tried to catch me. I screamed and cried, but no one helped. I heard the voice again, saying, “You do not like animals, you should die too.”

I yelled loudly then, “God forgive me, help me escape from this place.” Everything disappeared, the evil, the hill, the flames.

When I opened my eyes I was in my yard. I was shocked, but very happy it was just a dream. I hid my face in my pillow and cried.

This dream affected me deeply. I now appreciate all of God’s creations and I learned that everything has its own benefits. I learned that in this kind of situation no one will help me except my God.

My view of animals has changed since my childhood. I have learned about animal life in biology class and I have learned about the connections between man and animals and our environment and the relationships among all living things. Although I still don’t often touch animals, I like them now, and at times I try to be near them and touch them as others do.

By Rahela

photo by Hennie van Heerden


  1. Claire Martin says:

    Rahela: What a powerful story. Your description of your dream was so vivid that while I was reading it, I experienced a little bit of the panic and fear your must have felt. It’s wonderful that your belief in God and your knowledge of animals and biology have helped you overcome your fears.

  2. Amanda D. says:

    Your dream was so descriptive. I too was able to picture it in my head and follow along. It must have been very scary having been challenged with one of your fears head on and not being able to do anything about it. It is amazing how powerful beliefs can be. It makes me want to strengthen my beliefs.

  3. Meghan D. says:

    Rahela: Your dream was frightening and I could really feel how scared and confused you must have been during your dream. Your writing is so descriptive that I actually felt every word with my senses. Although your dream is scary, I am happy that you now recognize the power of all of God’s creatures and animals and that we share our Earth with them.

  4. Jaimee J says:

    This story of your dream, is desciptive and so moving. Even though youre no longer a child, you capitivated the fear and naive nature of one in this writing. There always comes a time when we will question God and why something is the way it is. The same way you didnt understand the need for animals to exist. Your dreamed served as the answer, that everything God has created is for a reason. He makes no mistakes, and everyone of his creatures serves a valuable purpose.

  5. Rahela,

    wwwwoooowwww i am sooooooooooo proud of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. rahela,

    by the way i’m in 8th grade i go to skyridge middle school. COME TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rahela,
    Your story was beautiful. It was very well written and I really enjoyed reading it. I am a 17 year old American. My entire school is looking at this website and reading your writing. I admire so much what you and your fellow writers have been doing. Keep writing; the stories that you write are being read and affect us.

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