Snowy days, snowballs, throwing snow with my brother and sister
Running in the yard with the neighborhood kids, play fighting, making dolls.

Sitting next to the oven waiting for warm breads, loving my mom
Escaping from school, hiding from my mom 
Doing homework, hating my sports teacher
Singing with the school choir.

Henna on my hands during Eid, trying to play piano
Cheerful mornings, charming birds, nice breezes
Looking at the night stars, wishing to be a star in the sky.

My brother’s journey, walking down to the train road
Loving my grandma, her death in the fall.

Summer with my best friend, waiting for her on cloudy winter days
Missing her, writing letters, remembering her poem
Her marriage news.
Chair left in Kaskasue, Almaty cheerful mornings.

Global leadership conference in Iowa
Crying at the Holocaust Museum, waterfalls in a green canyon in Arizona, 
Cape Cod beaches, car accident, graduation
Green house in Minnesota, hot summer days in Washington DC,
Yellow cat, teaching English, the secret.

Walking in the shadows of the trees at Kabul University
The red pen, the surprise party, a cup of hot coffee
The long boring drive, hurtful words, unfaithful friends,
Love from my true friends, the glorious journey to God
Books, poems, joyful December days, relaxing waterfalls
Charming birds, nice breeze
Keep walking on yellow and red.

By Angela

photo of a waterfall in Arizona by Stefan Cooke