Why Do You Cry?

Why do you cry?
Never think about the layers of life.
It has no value
Like any of the tears you shed.
Live every moment as much as you can.

Why do you cry?
Life never asks why
For what reason do you cry?
No one cares about your pain.

When they hurt you
When they destroy your soul
When they see your happiness
They feel jealous.
Never ask why
Never say you are sorry
Live today for this moment.
Be happy.

You never know when this layer of life
Will say goodbye.
Why do you cry?
Never think about the layers of life.

By Arifa

photo: Rafiq Maqbool/Associated Press


  1. Claire Martin says:

    Arifa: Thank you for sharing this honest, emotion-filled poem. One line in particular resonated with me: “Live today for this moment.” I will carry it with me.

  2. Maureen D says:

    Arifa, Thank you for sharing this eye-opening and honest poem. I felt the emotion of the poem with each line as it brought something new to me. “Live today for this moment. Be happy,” is so true and something that we can all live by. It will be in my thoughts.

  3. Aifa, Thank You for opening heart to the world but I also congradulate you. A freind

  4. Teresa McAleenan says:

    You have a strength here that is profound; “Never ask why, Never say you are sorry. “Your
    poem makes me see the anguish in detail and you also write with wisdom. Thank you for shaing this moving piece and it is so important to ‘live today for this moment.” Teresa

  5. Debbie Feldman says:

    Dear Aifa,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem with us. With love, Debbie

  6. madelaine dickie says:

    dear Aifa,
    this is a desperate and moving poem
    especially the line, Never think about the layers of life
    please keep writing!

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