Someone on the Road

The road is cold and snowy,
lights disappeared under the night’s supremacy.  
The dead silence deafens my ears
like the sound of trumpets on doom’s day.
The darkness blinds my eyes
as the deepest moment of the winter night.

Oh, a shadow —  
Someone walking on the road
with thoughtful and sad mood,
sloping shoulder, fallen head,
broken spirit and shaking feet.

If that is me let me go towards you
If that is you please come soon, my friend!



  1. That mirror image of yourself, Farida. “……thoughtful……” Winter becomes Spring………sad becomes happy………broken becomes knitted…………shaking becomes an opening of wings…….like in the birth of the butterfly freeing itself from its cocoon.
    A Big Bear Hug. :)

  2. Peter Markus says:

    This poem reminds me that we are really never alone as long as we have ourselves to keep us whole. Thank you for putting it into words.

  3. 6 grader says:

    good poem really thoughtful and peter markus is right we are realy never alon

  4. 6 grader says:

    sorry alone

  5. Sarah Key says:


    Thank you for this lovely poem, which so beautifully describes the human condition of both being alone and making a connection to another person. Your imagery is powerful, a great title too.

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