The Girl in the Mirror

Like a child, the girl in the mirror sees the world as my grandmother did.

In my grandmother’s stories, there is goodness and wickedness, but good always triumphs. Good people are always successful. The girl in the mirror is as cheerful as a shining sun and she is able to smile no matter what happens.

When her school was destroyed and she had to stay home during the war she never lost hope. She studied books and developed herself. She could believe in everyone. In her world, everything is brightly colored. The green grass is the earth’s carpet and the blueness is the sky’s cover. She is like a bird flying in the world of dreams. She thinks she can do anything.

I am very different from the girl in the mirror. My world is black and white. I am cold-blooded and pessimistic. Making a decision is very difficult because I fear that whatever I start will not go well. So I don’t want to try.

The people in my country suffer from instability and it is difficult for me to cope with this situation. Many people cannot pay for a better education for their children and the poverty is increasing every day. Thinking about it kills me because I am disappointed that I cannot help.

I see a world of self-interest. Unlike my grandmother’s stories, where good people help you without asking for anything, my classmates only help me when I’ve done something for them. Everywhere seems cold and cloudy. The wind of violence blows everywhere. The trees, the grass, the flowers seem buried as the white clouds and the snow mix together. I am afraid to be in crowds or around people. Alone-ness, that is my best friend.

I am jealous of the girl in the mirror. She is the opposite of me. I wonder how she can be so humble and optimistic. I see her whenever I look in the mirror, smiling at me. She looks just like me, but she is happy and excited, optimistic and hopeful.

We are two sides of the same coin. She looks directly into my eyes and something crosses through them and into my heart. Her self-confidence gives me hope. She tries to make me believe, to make me grow and thrive again. But my vanity refuses her every time.

We are two opposite souls in the same body, always in a struggle. She wants to make me be like her and I want her to be like me. One day, I hope for us to merge into a perfect person.

By Farida

photo: Shah Marai / AFP / Getty Images


  1. Amanda D. says:

    Although I do not know you I am sure that the woman you are becoming is one that anyone should be proud of. You have motivation, and I know this because I am reading your story. I could not agree with you more when you say that people do not do nice things for one another unless they are getting something in return. Time’s have changed since our grandmother’s time and many people only look out for themselves. Keep your head up and move forward, your writing inspires many, including myself.

  2. Thanks alot dear Amanda for your nice comment, yes the world has been changed since my grandmother’s time… but I am sure there are good people as well under the blue sky and I always try to see people’s good points. I am more like “the girl on the mirror” than myself. :)

  3. Dear Farida, I loved each and every word in this piece of writing. And as an hopeless believer of fairy tales, I’d recommend the same to survive in this dark world. And it is not always dark as long as there are so nice people, like you are, who feels all the darkness and hopes for the best for all.

  4. Debra D. says:

    Farida, your words are so powerful and create such an image for the reader. I cannot imagine the difficulty of keeping an optimistic view on the world when the world surrounding you seems so dark and dismal. You are an inspiration as you are striving to better yourself and are personally combatting that pessimistic world around you. Keep your head up and continue writing as you have a gift.

  5. Bree D. says:

    Farida, even thought times are what seem to be the toughest keeping a smile like the girl in the mirror is important. Keeping optimism is key in bad situations otherwise you fall and can’t stand back up. You may be older and more tainted than the girl in the mirror but try hard to keep a small part of her with you.

  6. Farida, your words are so powerful and you are wise and strong. You can make it through, and you will be that girl. You already are. You writing to the world like this is one of the strongest things I have ever seen. Letting everyone know what is going on in your life is more than the girl in the mirror can do. She is in the mirror, you are on the Earth. Writing to people, telling them what you see and hear, and making it interesting is just another step towards that girl.

  7. The analogy of your mirror reflection to illustrate your internal conflict is quite effective, Farida. Perhaps there need not be a merging of your two outlooks for you to live a happy and fruitful life in the future. There is wisdom in balance.

    I was reminded of a picture I took while on a walk. One house, two windows that could not be more polar opposites. Each window serves a purpose, and the house shelters them both:

    Peace and grace,

  8. I really impressed by your writing!

    All the best!

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