For International Women’s Day (March 8th)

In my personal view, International Women’s Day is a day to appreciate and surprise our most beloved ones.

Before this event, I always hope that the TV and radio channels don’t broadcast anything about this important day. Usually I mark and highlight the day on my personal calendar, and two days before it I buy different gifts for my mother, sisters, sisters-in-law, and some close friends.

This day doesn’t mean to me the celebration of all the hard work Afghan women do in a year. Women’s Day means that women get rid of suppression and applaud their voices.

On this day I want my mother to be with me all day. We don’t do any work. We spend this special day outside of the house. The other important thing is to surprise my mother with a special gift.

I usually take gifts and write some lovely things on the cover page and put them in my sisters’ and sisters-in-law’s cupboards.

For example, for my elder sister-in-law, I bought a beautiful light blue purse to wear at her brother’s wedding. The note said, “A small gift for a young mother with her two cute daughters.” For my younger sister-in-law, who has waited for a special album for her wedding photo, I bought a big photo album and wrote, “For a keen mother.”

When they see the gifts, they suddenly come to kiss me. It makes me so happy and makes me realize that women need to be shown they are the golden persons in our lives.

By Fariba

Photo taken in Kabul on March 8, 2011, by Mountain Unity