My mornings are always very busy and I am always in a rush. My car comes at 7:25 to take me to the office and I am always rushing to finish dressing and eat breakfast so not to miss my car.

But today when I opened my eyes from a deep sleep, for the first time in a long time, I noticed a very clear and beautiful sky.

Usually in the winter the sky is cloudy and gray like someone is crying. But today the sky was turquoise, exactly like the precious stone.

It was clean and shiny like it was wearing new clothes and shouting that spring is coming.

My soul wanted me to go outside alone and spend some time in the beauty of nature. When I got ready it was only 7 o’clock. I went downstairs and walked around the apartments where I live. My soul was longing to have this beautiful walk by myself.

The snow among the grass looked fresh and beautiful. The streets were still wet because of the snow and rain. Everywhere looked sparkling like someone had scrubbed the world clean with water.

The wind was blowing and it sounded musical. The trees, grass, stones, wind, and the golden sun all seemed to be telling me something. Maybe just a warm “Good Morning!”

I enjoyed each second of this wonderful lovely morning. I thanked God for being so kind with me this day.

By Humira