Right now has been the busiest time in my life. I am working and studying and I live with my younger brother so I have other responsibilities at home. I usually wake at 7 a.m. and walk 15 minutes to the train.

These days, when the weather is cloudy or rainy, I like to walk in the rain without an umbrella. I am a curious person, so I observe everything. It all gives me inspiration: people hurrying, students carrying big back-bags, women holding their children’s hands on the way to school.

Some people jog by. Sometimes when I observe tired people who can hardly keep their puffy eyes open, it’s hard not to laugh. I try to be happy because I believe if I am happy in the morning then I will be happy all day.

I take the train to the city center with students who laugh with their friends. Next, I take a bus to my place of work. Because the morning buses are so crowded, I sometimes miss two or three. It’s annoying waiting for the bus because there is no order, only crowds of people running from one side of the street to the other, pushing, shoving, and shouting to be the first to get on. Everyone is nervous about being late for work. If I do get a chance to sit, I try to read or write something, otherwise I listen to my music or think about a subject to write about during these long 20 minutes.

I love my job because I work to benefit humanity. I feel very happy about helping hopeless people. Although I work intensely until evening, I enjoy working with people and for people. My colleagues are nice and we help each other. My supervisor is a wonderful lady who monitors and mentors us until the work goes smoothly, because working with people who are highly traumatized takes patience.

I often go out for lunch with my colleagues. When I do not go out, I remain at my desk to read the news.  Work ends at 5 and then I leave for school. It is stressful because if I miss the school bus, there is no other bus for an hour and I will miss the lesson. Once, when I had a deadline, I missed the bus, but thankfully my instructor accepted my homework.

When I get on the bus, I take a deep breath and read books of short stories and poetry. The ride takes 30 minutes and our lessons, which are interesting, begin at 6:30. I love learning new things. This is the second semester for my master’s on the European Union. During the first semester we had to start searching for a thesis. In my class of nine people we usually have presentations and homework.

Our lesson finishes at 9 p.m. and the bus leaves 15 minutes later and I finally get home at 10:30 and have my dinner. My brother is a good cook and he usually cooks for me. After dinner, I have a glass of tea or coffee and start the research I need to do my homework. I go to sleep by 1:30 or 2 a.m., feeling tired. Although these are busy days, I love my life. I love my job, my school, my classmates and my colleagues, and they love me. That is what motivates me to overcome every difficulty.

When I fall sleep, I don’t know how the night passes so quickly. My alarm wakes me, warning me that another busy day has arrived.

By Farida

Photo by Farangis Najibullah