A Full Life

You gave me love
I gave you aches

You gave me joyful days
With cheer
But I gave you days
Of desolation

You gave me nights
With relaxing songs
Comfortable rest
Pleasant dreams
But I gave you nights full of

After all of this I hear you say
I love you
I care for you
I think about you
Dear Mother,
I don’t know what to do in return
But live life to the fullest
For you

By Angela

photo by Global Hope Network International (GHNI)


  1. Salam Angela,

    Your poem is very touching … Do you talk to your mom, or it is just fiction? Many times children do not understand the choices parents make for their lives. Most of the time, it is not bcz the kids want to be rebelous but for lack of maturity. Sometimes only late in life we will look backward and realize that parents were right when they made some criticism or were worried about something, etc. Nobody be born knowing how to be a parent … parenthood is learned at the same time it happens. For example, in my case, I did understand my mother really in full when I became a mother myself. Suddenly, I got that awareness of her so important contribution in my life.
    Yes, I can see her that this mom loves unconditionally. It is usually what the good parents do, no matter their kids’ faults, they will be loved unconditionally. It is the ultimate giving and compassion. We should always love and accept our parents and do the best for them as they do for us asking nothing in return. If you could not be the best daughter you wanted to your mom, keep trying and you will be there. Love is the path to reach that place! :)

  2. Ruth Steinberg says:

    Angela, your poem is very beautiful. I admire its simplicity and honesty. But perhaps you are forgetting the joy that you also must have brought to your mother during various times of your life. As a mother and, of course, the daughter of a mother, I know that it is a priceless bond, regardless of the difficulties caused by differences in outlook, ideals, or even behavior. Yes, live your life to the fullest, and be as honest with your mother as you are with yourself, and surely she will be proud of you. Then you should have no regrets.

  3. siyu zong says:

    Angela, I really like your poem. I can feel your deep love and pain from your word. I think you do not have to be sad about you do not give your mom too much. Your happiness is the most wonderful gift for your mom, so please forget your sadness and treat yourself nicely. Your mom will feel your love.

  4. Samuel Bloore says:

    Dear Salam Angela

    Reading your poem made me realize to a fuller extent how precious the loving relationship is between a child and their parent. When I was a child I don’t think I was fully appreciative of the immense love and care that my parents showed me. I think this is because it is difficult for a child to comprehend and fully understand the choices that parents make for them sometimes. It is only now that I look back on those events that I think likewise with you, I was not fully appreciative for the sense of safety that they gave me.

    Your poem expresses honesty, which I love, however; there must have certainly been times of unforgettable joy that you brought to your mother. Your mum loves you unconditionally forever. So your happiness and contentment is all your mum could possibly ask for. It is always the way of the child to not ask anything in return from their parent’s vast amounts of love and caring. Therefore, just know Angela that your joy, happiness and love are what will make your mother especially happy. Thank you Angela for your letter and I hope that love is always existent in your life.

    Yours sincerely,


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