Many years ago when I was a little child, my grandmother told me stories every night. Her stories were usually about angels, jinn (similar to genies), fairies, or monsters. I was curious about all these creatures, but I was interested mostly in angels.

Grandmother told me they have two big white wings and they never do badness. They help people and never expect anything. She told me angels go everywhere with people and help them if they face difficulties. They are sent by God.

My grandmother passed away many years ago, and then I grew up. I always looked forward to seeing an angel, but I never could see any with two big white wings.

Now that years have passed, I believe that there was one who always has been very close by me. She is my mother. She is an angel, although she does not have two big white wings.

Either she or her prayers have been with me all the time. She is the one who devoted her entire life to her children and her family. She never wanted anything for herself and she only wished the best of everything for me and my siblings.

She could not continue her education due to the hard situation of her time, but she has done everything she could for her children to complete theirs. When I finished high school, she let me go abroad to continue my higher education, knowing that she would be alone for many years.

If I am sick or sad she immediately feels this and calls me. She never lets me know when she is sick because she does not want me to worry. For me, her voice is the most comforting and reassuring voice in the world. When I graduated from university, she was even happier than I. When I walked on stage to take my diploma I could see how happy she was. She always gave me the courage to be strong.

She is like a sun who warms up my coldest days. Can an angel be better than her? She is an angel even though she does not have white wings. She is sent by God to protect us.

By Farida

photo by Martin van Asseldonk


  1. Mary Anne King says:

    I really enjoyed your story about Angels. Your Mom sounds angelic to me. Your Mom always put your happiness and best interests first. I believe in angels and believe they protect me too. My Mom died 4 years ago, so I know how prescious a Mom can be. Thanks for sharing your story. Take Care. Mary Anne

  2. I agree that not all angels have wings. Angels can come in the least likely forms. It is great that you have such a loving mother who stands by you and helps you when ever you are in need. Think of how much better this world could be if everyone had the same compassion. My personal challenge is to be like an angel. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but with a little effort I know that small acts of kindness can have a large effect in someones day. I hope that you take what you have learned from your mother and grandmother and pass it on, not only to your children but to anyone you come across that might need a random act of kindness.


  3. Jahari brooks says:

    Ily this story

  4. SARA M. says:


    I love this piece about your mother. What I found so special is the element of self-sacrifice your mother has shown throughout her life – there is no greater display of love than putting someone else’s needs and desires before your own.

    “She is like a sun who warms up my coldest days.” What a beautiful analogy – when I read it I can feel the warmth in my heart. Where I live, the weather is just now changing from cold to warm and even on cool afternoons you can start to feel the sun warming your back if you stand still. Just how a mother’s love is – if you allow it to, it warms you throughout.

    Thank you for sharing this – it is a reminder for us all to be thankful for our mothers.


  5. Lovely story of your memories of a special woman, your mother! Yes, I too believe in angels and a God that loves us all..

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