I Am Tired Today

Editor’s note: This poem is written by a journalist who works tirelessly to help the women in her country, writing about the plight of others, and here she is in a human moment — tired.

Today I write my feelings—
I’m tired, defeated, want to rest.
But how? When I look around me,
I see the women in my country struggle.
It makes me tired, this being a woman,
born in Afghanistan.
I work, feel discouraged by those around me.
I do nothing, feel discouraged,
don’t know what to do today.
I challenge this life,
this life of being a woman.
Since I was young, I did this,
sometimes succeeded, sometimes was broken.
The important part of me
wants to be a help for the women of my country.
I understand our women.
I too am a woman here,
who suffers from her gender.
I try. I try hard to help them.
When I want to work, there is no one
to hold my hand.
The women, the women
in the remote parts of our land
expect and hope I can support them,
but where is my strength, the help I need
to help me help others?
I cannot do it alone, and this is why
I’m tired, and this is why
I cannot do anything today
for my country’s women.

By Seeta

Photo: Adam Ferguson / New York Times


  1. Dear Seeta
    Be strong sweetie I’m with you all of time and where I am. I LOVE YOU

  2. Dear Sheeta,
    I can only know of the women in your country through your enlightening words. Your weariness to the marrow of your bones, your striving for change against overwhelming odds, your love for your women-sisters, your desire to help them will make you all a catalyist for change.

    Thank you for the gift of your words written with such honesty,

  3. Adriana Aboumrad says:

    Dear Seeta,

    While reading your poem my eyes were open to a new perspective on the situation women of Afghanistan face everyday. Reading the idea of how you understand that women of your country but yet at the same time don’t understand why they don’t challenge the ways enforced upon them is something I hadn’t really thought about. Your cry for help to the women of your land is so touching and moving to the reader. The line saying you can’t do it alone is true and correct in the sense that no one can solve this dilemma alone. This poem is different in from the rest in the sense that the blame is put partially on the women not challenging their way of life and them not trying to create a life without struggle. Good luck in the recruitment and I hope that one day women of Afghanistan won’t be born into this life style.

  4. Seeta–
    Reading this poem, I felt the power of your words hit me. I am sorry that you feel that you cannot help the women going through this, but just by writing this you are helping! You are getting the word out and raising awareness which is much more than doing nothing at all. Through your writing and yourself, you’ll find the strength you you’re looking for.

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