She is lovely…
She is cute and kind…

The blessing of Almighty Allah in my life.

Her shining eyes stare at me.
Her small lips mumble for me.

She cries loud,
Says mom and mom and mom
I hurry to her hold her tight in my arms.

The warmth she has makes me feel so close.
The comfort she gives me is the same one
I felt inside my mother’s womb.

I wish that Almighty Allah blesses her
with happiness and success. I wish that she grows
as beautiful as a flower.

The dream I have for her, Inshallah, is for imagination
that I grew up with in this world. She is 3 years old now
and I will place her in school when she turns 7.

When she reaches the age of teens
I will motivate her to be the girl of her dreams.
She will be gentle, but the strongest of all.

At 20, I will drew her attention to the real world
where she will notice the hardest and the happiest of times,
leaving her with memories to empower herself… to be a woman of all the times.

Each of her steps will guide the team;
each of her plans will be successes for all.
She will have sacrifices and gains in her life.

There will be ups and downs in the mountains of her dreams,
for which she will have to be patient,
caring, loving and a supportive daughter.

She was born the 3rd day of January—
the happiest moment in my life.

Her name is Yamna, meaning brightness.
She arrived and made my life shine like the sun on the earth.

By Pakiza

Photo by Martin van Asseldonk