Editor’s note: White City is a United Nations security alert that requires staff to remain in their compounds. The UN was under White City orders due to extensive violence in April following the reports that a Florida pastor had burned a copy of the Qur’an.

It was early morning Monday, the 2nd of May, 2011
And it was the fifth day of UN White City.
I was off from work
And in a deep sleep
When I heard my brother’s voice calling my name.
I was not answering him.
He was calling and calling, telling me,

Wake up. I have very good news for you!

I was getting angrier with him when he said,

Do you know that Osama has been killed!

Stop joking, let me sleep…

He was saying he heard breaking news on BBC.
I did not believe him.
When he turned up the TV volume so loud I myself could listen
I got up from bed
Ran to the TV room to see it myself.
I did not believe this…

Hot Breaking News all over TV

In a few minutes
My mobile started ringing
Receiving SMS
From my colleagues and friends.
How strange
That early morning, this news heard by all.
Another message from my office security:

We will be off two more days, and remain at home only.

That was no surprise for me,
Since I was already off more days.
Then we thought…

Is this why UN was in White City that week,
Even before Osama’s killing?
It’s all politics and games?
They were aware of Osama’s killing prior to his killing?

The Osama death was good news to Afghan people,
They were neither very happy, nor very sad.
Some were thinking how nothing will change in our country…
Even more insecurity, more attacks all over.
Thinking how because of him, in trying to find him, thousands of Afghans were killed.
Thinking although it was very easy for international countries to kill Osama years ago, they did not do it.
They waited. They had a strategy and a plan. A plan of power to control other countries.
Some were thinking that with the end of Osama, the people who made Osama…

Would make another Osama…

What do I hope?
I hope for Peace in my country and other countries.
I hope for no more Osama.
And no more war.

By Yalda

Muhammed Muheisen/AP Photo