I don’t belong here…
not on this earth!
I want to fly back where I came from.
I want to go around the earth,
find the spot where I belong and
live simply
where love is not denied.

I want to fly where birds sing their nicest songs,
where I can hear waterfowl, where it is green all the time,
where flowers smile and butterflies speak.

I want to fly where I can write poems and sing songs,
where dancing is not forbidden.

I want to leave those people who make me cry…
I want to be free to laugh
I want to fly where people are happy, where children don’t cry,
where memories don’t die.

I want to be free from evil eyes
I want to fly up to the deep sky.
I want to be free from captivity, break free from life’s chains.
I want to fly and live simply.
I want to die.

By Shafiqa

Photo by Stefan Cooke