My Son

The birds of luck tapped
the door of my heart today.
I am sure there is good news
in the way
I feel different,
so happy
so happy.
It is as if someone
will come to our house
and surprise me!
I will welcome my son.

God gifted me a name—
he will call me
He will kiss me
hug me
love me.
With him I say goodbye
to my dearest friends:
Today I feel different.
I am not depressed,
don’t have the worry:
Why don’t I have a son?
People won’t look at me
No one can insult me:
Why don’t you have a son?

My son:
You light my way to continue
life. I am not blind anymore.
I want your happiness,
a wish of all mothers.

My son:
I want you
I want you
To Be Very Good Person.
Mothers wish their sons
will become presidents
one day. I don’t want you to be
a president, my sweetie:
Be a president of hearts,
make your heart a country
where every person can live
in peace
in the paradise of this world.

By Norwan

Photo: Ellyn Cavanagh


  1. peter markus says:


    Thank you for this. Every son in the world would love to be the subject and inspiration for such lovely words. The lines “make your heart a country/ where every person can live/ happy/ in peace/ in the paradise of this world”—what can I say? So profound, beautiful, sublime, wise, right on the mark!!!

  2. I second everything Peter said :)

    “Be a president of hearts”– if I may, I will say those words to my son, too!

    I am so happy that you have this boy, this blessing in your life.


  3. You have such a wonderful way with words. Your poem struck a deep chord. Thanks.

  4. Malaya Roses says:

    Sincerely from a mother to a son. Love & hope shall revive the pain and bring more joy. Beautiful poem.

  5. Fifi Tumewu says:

    Beautiful beyond is simple but so deep!! Thank you.

  6. Janet Reynolds says:

    Blessings to you and your son! I hope he becomes a “president of hearts” like you wish!

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