Sonam introduction

Sonam is currently a high school student in Kabul.  She has seven brothers and sisters including a physician and a teacher, and others attending a local university. Sonam’s future goals include studying computer science and then becoming a journalist.


  1. I am eager to know how your young life will unfold, to know which of your dreams will be realized and which disappointments you will be challenged to overcome. I struggled so much when I was young because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. In my wanderings I eventually came upon journalism and discovered that it was a delight to write about people in my community. Everyone’s story fascinated me and when I wrote about them I was able to introduce them to many other people and help create friendships and foster unity. You already know you would like to explore journalism and I would like to encourage you to do so! Listen to people and write about their stories — their joys, fears and dreams — in ways they would never imagine expressing them, in ways that assure them their lives are meaningful. It has been said journalists write the first draft of history. I hope the history you have an opportunity to write about is full of kindness, justice and peace, and that you come to know your own priceless value in our world. May peace be with you.

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