My Heart in Herat

Editor’s note: the following is a poem written jointly by the Herat writers of AWWP during a recent workshop in which each of the participants offered a sentence.

Herat is new life for me; I love Herat too much.
Herat means education.
It is memories of being alone, without people, and of being with many people.
Herat is hot chaos, opening my eyes in new ways
It is where I reach toward a successful life
It is new, welcoming, and endlessly fascinating.

Herat is a new, good change in my life.
It is the heaven where I live in peace
It is the sweet, smooth taste of shir yak ice cream as it touches my tongue
Herat is a start again for me.
Herat holds my life goals.

By the Herat Writers

Photo of Herat by Moslii


  1. charlotte says:

    I am glad that this is so positive in your lives

  2. What a wonderful piece of writing! I can sense excitement, challenge, and personal growth through your words. You all sound so positive and open to the world. Please keep writing.


  3. These beautiful words describing what you appreciate – peace, education, a new start – remind me to be thankful for those things. God bless you. Keep writing!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Herat Writers –
    Thank you for your poem. I appreciate the different perspective that is being conveyed in this poem. Most of the poems I’ve read on this website are very emotional and upsetting because of the issues that are discussed. In this poem, there is hope within the dialogue. The writers of this poem have a more positive view of the area they live in in the Middle East. The lines: Herat is a start again for me/Herat holds my life goals shows the ambition of women in the Middle East and the faith they have in their country. Keep writing!

  5. Beautiful…”hot chaos”… I love it!
    I was struck by the notion of loving it “too” much… would love to know more about the risk of loving this place, this life, too much…
    Thank you for sharing!

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