It’s Ramadan,
The holiest month of the Islamic calendar
When Muslims fast during daylight hours

It’s the month I love most,
I feel closer to my Lord than ever before
I feel God is also closer to me
Speaking to me, guiding me

Good habits become my friends this month
I do not get angry
Though I am tired after work, I serve my parents,
and try to help the poorest of my family.
I like to read the Qur’an every day

This month Allah accepts more of our prayers
The gates of heaven are open
and the gates of hell closed,
so I make list of my prayers:
For my country, my parents, my friends, and myself.

In this month we feel the hardness of a life of poverty.
God gives us strength so we are worthy
I wish it were Ramadan all year!

By Yalda

Associated Press photo