Ramadan Kareem

It’s Ramadan,
The holiest month of the Islamic calendar
When Muslims fast during daylight hours

It’s the month I love most,
I feel closer to my Lord than ever before
I feel God is also closer to me
Speaking to me, guiding me

Good habits become my friends this month
I do not get angry
Though I am tired after work, I serve my parents,
and try to help the poorest of my family.
I like to read the Qur’an every day

This month Allah accepts more of our prayers
The gates of heaven are open
and the gates of hell closed,
so I make list of my prayers:
For my country, my parents, my friends, and myself.

In this month we feel the hardness of a life of poverty.
God gives us strength so we are worthy
I wish it were Ramadan all year!

By Yalda

Associated Press photo


  1. Jana McBurney-Lin says:

    Dear Yaida,
    I often shy away from poetry, as I fear I will not understand. But your poem is clear and the ending is beautiful. I feel the same way about our holiday, Thanksgiving. We spend lots of time preparing food and eating and being thankful and kind to one another. (This thanks, this family togetherness only lasts a day, though….and as in your poem I wish it lasted all year.)

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