Three nice children were playing and were very happy. But their grandmother was waiting for her son to come home and bring some food for five hungry and poor people.

Their economic situation in Farah Province was very bad; every day, 27-year-old Samir would wake up and look for some food. Some days he would find some money and would buy something for his mother, wife, and three children.

Today he went to find something for the family, but the mother felt unhappy. With all of the suicide attacks and the dangerous things happening, she always felt afraid in her heart that something might happen to Samir. This day he left his home, but he didn’t know that today would be the last time that he would see his family.

The day became evening, and nobody knew where Samir was. Where was he? His mother became more and more worried.

The children cried and asked why their father was not coming. They didn’t know that Samir had died in the early morning. People carried him to the hospital, but no one knew who he was. They just took him to the hospital and left him there. Samir had died in an accident.

Everybody in the city knew that a person had died and people were trying to identify him as soon as possible because it was very warm and his body needed to be buried. Finally, a boy from the neighborhood identified Samir.

There was a knock at the door. Samir’s mother answered it. Her eldest son stood before her. She asked him, “Did you see my son at the bazaar?” He said, “Yes, I found him in the hospital.” She was afraid and asked, “What happened to my son?” He said, “I am sorry to inform you that Samir is not alive any more, he died in a car accident.” She became crazy with shock and grief and said, “No, you’re joking, my son is coming. He should come, his children are hungry, he should bring food for them.”

But it was true: kind, hard-working Samir was dead. He left a daughter and two sons, a wife and an old mother. Now their life is very bad; they are just barely alive. Every day the children ask about their father, but the father will not be coming home again. Every day, the children look out the door in hopes that their father will come back.

By Leeda

Photo: Musadeq Sadeq / AP